Gratitude to Mentors: Robert Downey Jr. expresses gratitude to influential figures in his career journey, including Peter O’Toole, Richard Attenborough, and Anthony Hopkins, who shaped his aspirations and provided guidance.

Evolution of Roles: Downey reflects on his career evolution, acknowledging the transition from youthful aspirations to the realization of his potential as an actor. He humorously contrasts the influences of different mentors at various stages of his life.

Acknowledgment of Director Christopher Nolan: Downey credits Christopher Nolan for challenging him to explore new acting approaches and revitalize his career. He appreciates Nolan’s guidance in adopting an understated approach in his portrayal, leading to renewed critical acclaim.

Recognition of Fellow Nominees: The actor shares his BAFTA win with his fellow nominees, acknowledging the exceptional talent and competition in the industry. He emphasizes the significance of the recognition amidst a competitive field.

Role in Oppenheimer: Downey highlights his role as Lewis Strauss in the Academy-nominated film ‘Oppenheimer,’ portraying a complex character with conflicting views towards J. Robert Oppenheimer. He appreciates the opportunity to delve into such challenging roles.


Previous Achievements: Despite his recent success, Downey humbly recalls his previous BAFTA win for Best Actor in 1992 for his role in ‘Chaplin.’ This acknowledgment underscores his longevity and versatility as an actor.

Celebrating a Milestone Year: Downey concludes his speech by expressing gratitude for the exceptional year and the opportunity to continue evolving as an actor. He embraces the challenges and successes that come with his profession, looking forward to future endeavours.

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