The legacy of late drug lord Pablo Escobar includes a unique and alarming environmental issue in Colombia involving the descendants of his illegal imports – the “cocaine hippos.” This overview delves into the escalating problems posed by these hippos and the measures taken by Colombian authorities.

Escobar’s Illegal Importation:

During the 1980s, Pablo Escobar imported several exotic animals, including hippos, as part of his extravagant private zoo housed in Hacienda Nápoles. The hippos, often referred to as “cocaine hippos,” have become a lasting, and unexpected, legacy of his criminal enterprise.

Human-Hippo Conflicts:

The offspring of Escobar’s hippos have recently exhibited aggressive behavior towards humans, causing growing concerns among the local population. Their attacks have intensified, creating a hazardous situation as these hippos have no natural predators in Colombia.

Dangerous Behavior:

Locals have expressed fear over encounters with the “cocaine hippos,” describing them as “very, very dangerous.” Their behavior is noted to be unpredictable and aggressive, making them a significant threat to human safety. Recommendations include swift evasion to avoid potential harm.

Fatal Incident:

A fatal incident occurred recently when one of Escobar’s hippos was struck by a car, resulting in its demise. Emergency responders tended to the injured driver, but the hippo succumbed to its injuries, highlighting the dangers posed by these animals.

Uncontrolled Population Growth:

Escobar’s hippos, initially introduced in controlled captivity, have thrived in the Colombian environment since his death in 1993. The lack of natural predators and ample resources in surrounding waterways have led to an unchecked population growth, exceeding 150 individuals.

Environmental Impact:

The uncontrolled hippo population has triggered environmental havoc, with detrimental effects on water and soil quality. Their excrement has contributed to the degradation of water quality, leading to reduced oxygen levels and substantial fish mortality.

Post-Escobar Hippo Survival:

In contrast to other animals from Escobar’s collection, the hippos have not only survived but flourished. Officials estimate that around 170 hippos, descendants of Escobar’s original herd, currently roam Colombia. This population is anticipated to grow significantly, potentially reaching 1,000 by 2035.

Government Response:

Acknowledging the imminent threat these hippos pose to Colombia’s ecosystem, the Ministry of Environment has declared them invasive species. Colombian authorities have grappled with the challenge of deciding how to manage this growing population of voracious herbivores.

Sterilization Efforts:

Colombian officials recently announced a comprehensive plan to address the “cocaine hippo” issue. This includes sterilizing certain hippos surgically to control their reproduction. The sterilization initiative has commenced, with four hippos – two adult females and two juvenile males – already undergoing the procedure.

Race Against Time:

The urgency of the situation is underscored by Colombia’s environmental minister, Susana Muhamad, who emphasizes the need for swift and effective action. The environmental and ecosystem impacts, if not curtailed promptly, could be irreversible.

Global Concerns:

The “cocaine hippo” issue in Colombia has garnered international attention due to its unique nature and potential consequences. It raises questions about the broader implications of exotic animal introductions and the challenges countries face in managing such situations.

The situation with “cocaine hippos” stands as a complex environmental dilemma that demands immediate attention and concerted efforts to mitigate the long-term ecological impact on Colombia’s diverse ecosystems.

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