Regardless of the frequency of travel, finding ways to save money on flights is universally appealing, offering relief to travelers’ budgets and making journeys more cost-effective.

Best Time to Book:

It’s widely acknowledged that booking flights ahead of time is beneficial, especially during peak travel periods like holidays when airports become busier.

Making reservations in advance can lead to significant cost savings, making travel more affordable for individuals and families alike.

21-Day Rule for Last-Minute Travel:

In situations where advance booking isn’t feasible, following the 21-day rule is a recommended strategy. This rule suggests booking flights at least 21 days before the departure date, as airlines tend to raise prices closer to the travel date.

Adhering to this rule can help mitigate the risk of facing inflated ticket prices due to last-minute bookings.


Tips for Finding Cheap Airfare:

Rather than fixating on specific travel dates, it’s advisable to identify windows of opportunity when airlines are likely to offer lower fares.

During off-peak seasons, such as certain times of the year when travel demand is lower, booking flights one to three months in advance can increase the likelihood of securing cheaper airfare.

Conversely, for peak seasons when demand is higher, booking tickets three to seven months ahead of time can be advantageous in obtaining more affordable rates.

Most Affordable Day to Travel:

While specific days of the week may not always guarantee lower airfares, certain trends suggest that traveling on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays tends to be more cost-effective compared to Mondays and Fridays.

Additionally, early morning flights are generally less popular among travelers, potentially offering reduced prices for those willing to fly at less conventional times.

Using Airline Miles:

Flight experts often advocate for leveraging airline miles, particularly for last-minute travel arrangements or during peak seasons when ticket prices are typically higher.

Many airlines collaborate with banks to offer co-branded credit cards that provide various benefits, including free tickets based on spending milestones.

For instance, partnerships between airlines like Vistara and banks such as Indus, Axis, and others, as well as Air India’s collaboration with SBI, offer cardholders the opportunity to earn free tickets after reaching specific spending thresholds, thereby enhancing the value of their travel experience.

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