Initial Halt and Unexpected Movement: The incident unfolded when a freight train, stationed at Kathua station in Jammu and Kashmir, began an unexpected journey covering a distance of 84 kilometers without a driver.

Travel Route and Speed: This loaded diesel goods train, consisting of 53 wagons, traversed approximately 80 kilometers from Kathua to a village in Punjab’s Hoshiarpur district. Reports suggest it attained speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour during its uncontrolled journey.

Video Virality: The sight of a driverless train on its journey went viral on social media platforms, drawing attention to the unusual event.

freight train

Emergency Brake Activation: Fortunately, emergency brakes were timely engaged, preventing any accidents or damages despite the train’s uncontrolled movement.

Incident Details and Causes: The incident occurred around 7 am as the train, laden with concrete, began moving downhill towards Pathankot due to a slope. Investigations later revealed that the loco pilot and assistant loco pilot were absent from the train.

Driver Absence and Oversight: Both the loco pilot and assistant loco pilot were reportedly not aboard the freight train as it gained momentum and ultimately came to a halt on a steep gradient near Unchi Bassi railway station in Punjab.

Lapse in Security Measures: It appears that the train started rolling down the slope gradient towards Punjab without the driver and his assistant, possibly due to the failure to engage the handbrake upon departure from Kathua station.

Resolution and Assistance: Despite multiple failed attempts to halt the train, it was eventually stopped at the Unchi Bassi area near Dasuha with the assistance of drivers and staff from passenger trains, averting any potential damages or injuries.

Initiation of Inquiry: An official inquiry has been launched to ascertain the exact cause of the incident, with preliminary indications suggesting the train’s uncontrolled movement resulted from procedural lapses and oversight regarding securing the train cabin. Divisional Traffic Manager, Jammu, Prateek Srivastava, confirmed the commencement of the investigation.

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