Successful Funding Round: Sports tech and gaming company StatusPro has achieved a significant milestone by raising $20 million in a Series A funding round.

Beyond NFL Pro Era: Launched in 2022, StatusPro gained prominence with its breakout VR sports title, NFL Pro Era. The company now aims to extend its offerings and diversify beyond its initial success.

NFL Pro Era’s Impact: NFL Pro Era, known for its use of real-time player data to simulate NFL action, has become a sensation, attracting over 1 million users to date. The game’s popularity is underscored by its status as the fastest-selling VR sports title on Meta’s Quest platform.

Multiplayer Enhancements: In response to user engagement, NFL Pro Era has incorporated multiplayer contest modes, enhancing the gaming experience and contributing to its widespread adoption.

Leading Investment Partners: The Series A funding round was led by Google Ventures, a prominent player in the investment landscape. Other key contributors include Dream Sports, Wise Ventures (owned by Minnesota Vikings’ Mark and Zygi Wilf), JDS Sports, Alumni Ventures, and influential personalities such as LeBron James, Drake, and Myles Garrett.

Founders’ Commitment: Founded by former football players Troy Jones and Andrew Hawkins, StatusPro remains dedicated to advancing the success of NFL Pro Era. Simultaneously, the founders express a keen interest in exploring new opportunities within the gaming industry.

Broad Gaming Approach: Troy Jones emphasizes a comprehensive strategy, stating that StatusPro aims to replicate the success achieved with NFL Pro Era across a diverse range of sports. The focus is on capturing fan emotions and excitement through innovative gaming experiences.

Industry Dynamics: Having emerged in 2020 when virtual reality faced moderate enthusiasm, StatusPro now benefits from a renewed surge of interest, particularly among gamers. The proliferation of Meta’s headset lineup and the promise of next-generation devices, including augmented reality smart glasses and Apple’s Vision Pro spatial computer, contribute to the positive industry outlook.

Openness to Innovation: Andrew Hawkins underscores that StatusPro is not confined to virtual reality development or eyewear-based experiences. The company remains open to exploring various hardware directions, adapting to the evolving landscape of emerging technologies.

Expertise in “First-Person Sports”: Hawkins reflects on the company’s journey since 2016, highlighting their focus on “first-person sports.” This expertise positions StatusPro uniquely in the industry, catering to athletes and sports enthusiasts at a time when emerging technologies were not widely recognized.

StatusPro’s recent funding success marks a pivotal moment in its journey, signalling a commitment to innovation and expansion within the dynamic realm of VR sports and gaming.

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