Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah confirmed a bomb blast at Bengaluru’s Rameshwaram Cafe, resulting in nine injuries.

The blast occurred in the popular cafe located in Bengaluru’s Brookefield area.

Police informed the Chief Minister that the blast was caused by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) placed inside the cafe.

Sequence of Events:

CCTV footage captured a man placing a bag inside the cafe before the explosion.

Police briefed Siddaramaiah that no additional IEDs were found on the premises besides the one in the bag.

The individual who left the bag also took a token from the cash counter, prompting questioning of the cashier.

Chief Minister’s Response:

Siddaramaiah stated that investigations are ongoing to determine if the incident was a terrorist act.

He emphasized that the blast was not large-scale but an improvised explosive blast, expressing concern over such occurrences.

The injured individuals, including cafe staff and a customer, sustained non-critical injuries.

CCTV Footage and Aftermath:

CCTV footage revealed the moment of the blast, showing servers and patrons before the explosion engulfed the area in smoke.

Visuals from the site depicted people fleeing the cafe, some with torn clothes and injuries.

The police, NIA, bomb squad, and forensics team arrived at the scene to investigate the blast.

Additional Statements:

BJP’s Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya suggested the blast occurred due to a bag left by a customer, not a cylinder explosion.

Surya urged the Chief Minister to provide clear answers regarding the incident, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability.

This detailed overview provides insight into the circumstances surrounding the bomb blast at Rameshwaram Cafe, including eyewitness accounts, official responses, and ongoing investigations.

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