Shehbaz Sharif, elected as the 24th Prime Minister of Pakistan, pledged to navigate the country back to stability during his second term.

He secured 201 votes, defeating his PTI-backed opponent Omar Ayub Khan from the Sunni Ittehad Council, who garnered 92 votes.

Upon the announcement of his victory by the National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, Shehbaz embraced his elder brother Nawaz Sharif, who stepped aside in favor of Shehbaz despite being widely expected to take the position.

Address to the Nation:

In his inaugural speech in the newly elected house, Shehbaz acknowledged the significant challenges ahead for Pakistan but expressed confidence in overcoming them collectively.

He emphasized the importance of unity and decisive action to uplift the nation to its rightful position.

Gratitude and Political Landscape:

Shehbaz extended gratitude to his brother Nawaz Sharif and allied parties for their support in his election.

Despite chants from opposition benches, labeling them as “thieves,” Shehbaz asserted that his party, PML-N, never harmed the country unlike his opponents.

Legacy and National Figures:

Shehbaz credited Nawaz Sharif’s previous terms for the developmental strides in Pakistan, lauding him as a builder of the nation.

He paid homage to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s sacrifices, highlighting his enduring legacy in the nation’s history.

Economic Challenges and Debt Crisis:

Shehbaz lamented the alarming debt crisis facing Pakistan, even financing the National Assembly’s expenses through borrowing.

He advocated for fundamental reforms and pledged to steer the country towards self-sufficiency, rallying against a life of perpetual debt.

Promises and Initiatives:

Shehbaz vowed to tackle electricity and tax theft, acknowledging the burden of inflation, particularly on the lower class.

He proposed specialized training for 500,000 students, focusing on technology and artificial intelligence to empower them as job creators.

Promises were made to provide subsidies directly to farmers and introduce packages for solar tube-wells, along with agricultural collaboration among provinces.

Infrastructure and Social Welfare:

Shehbaz pledged to enhance public transport infrastructure nationwide and improve healthcare facilities, promising state-of-the-art hospitals.

He committed to facilitating talented students to study abroad and establishing a system for swift justice.

Security and Justice:

Shehbaz condemned the May 9 riots and vowed not to forgive perpetrators, affirming justice for those involved.

He reiterated the commitment to eradicate terrorism and uphold the National Action Plan, emphasizing the importance of security and stability.

Social Justice and Women’s Rights:

Shehbaz commended ASP Shehr Bano Naqvi for her bravery in protecting a woman from a mob attack, pledging to ensure equal opportunities and remuneration for women.

He announced the release of women and children serving sentences less than two years.

Foreign Policy and Global Issues:

Shehbaz advocated for visa-free entry for citizens of brotherly nations to bolster trade ties and expressed ambitions for Pakistan’s inclusion in the G20 by 2030.

Closing Remarks and National Aspirations:

Shehbaz concluded by asserting the nation’s thirst for justice and the anticipation of results from collective efforts rather than mere electoral outcomes.

Congratulations poured in from various quarters, including Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar, wishing success and unity for Shehbaz’s tenure.

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