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Product Portfolio
Future Generali Health Plans:

‘Health is wealth’ and this should be our mantra for life. The number of people falling sick at an early age is increasing at an alarming rate. The only thing that can save us from health risks is, a good insurance plan so that when you fall sick you can only concentrate on getting well. Keep your financial stress at bay with Future Generali health plans.

  • Future Health Suraksha – Individual: The plan is available for individuals and covers both pre and post hospitalisation expenses, among others. The cover is available to individuals between the age of 18 and 70 years and come with a lifetime renewal option. It also allows for covering children aged 3 months to 25 years
  • Future Health Suraksha – Family Floater: The Future Health Suraksha Family Floater policy covers the entire family for both pre and post hospitalisation expenses, patient care costs, day care procedures, expenses for the accompanying person and ambulance charges. Adults between the ages of 18 and 70 years can avail the plan. The entry age limit is 55 years for a sum assured of Rs. 10 lakh. People who avail the policy above 55 years can opt for a maximum sum assured of Rs. 5 lakh
  • Future Health Surplus: The Health Surplus Plan from Future Generali General Insurance insures against additional expenses incurred over and beyond a deductible limit. The plan is available on both individual and family floater basis and has a lifetime renewal option. The policy is available for adults between the ages of 18 and 65 years
  • Future Criticare: The Future Criticare critical illness cover offers a lump sum benefit provided the patient survives for more than 28 days from the day of diagnosis and the policy is more than 90 days old. The policy is available to adults in the 18-65 years age group and has a lifetime renewal option. The sum insured is Rs. 1-50 lakh for people in the 18-45 years age group and Rs. 1-20 lakh in the 46-65 years age group
  • Future Hospicash: The Future Hospicash cover allows you to meet any expenses relating to hospitalisation and incidental or related costs. The policy provides benefits for ICU stays both in the city of residence or outside and additional convalescence benefits for hospital stays of more than 10 days
  • Group Health Insurance (Health Total): A comprehensive retail healthcare plan that is available on both an individual and family floater basis. Future Generali offers three variants, the Vital plan that covers the individual, spouse and dependent children, and Superior and Premiere plans that also cover non-dependent children, dependent or non-dependent parents, grandparents, grandchildren, dependent siblings, daughter and son in-law, and parents in law.

Future Generali Car Insurance Plans:

A car is a valuable asset and we should have a comprehensive insurance plan to protect it from any accident and theft. When you ply on Indian roads, you can’t be sure of anything. Even if you are a good driver, you can’t guarantee that other people on the road follow rules. Thus, insurance plan is the only way to keep your car safe and running in good condition.

Future Generali Travel Insurance Plans:

Future Generali travel insurance policies are a great companion on your holidays, business trips or visits to friends & family abroad and provide you door-to-door cover for your convenience.

  • Future Travel Suraksha: The Future Travel Suraksha policy covers international travel for the individual and the family for single as well as multiple trips. The plan guards against unexpected events such as lost papers, hospitalisation, and misplaced luggage, among various others.
  • Future Travel Suraksha-Schengen Travel: The plan provides travel insurance for visiting the Schengen visa countries in Europe. It insures travellers against mishaps such as lost travel papers or misplaced luggage, etc. that may occur while they are on vacation in any of these countries.
  • Future Student Suraksha: The Future Student Suraksha plan has been designed for students who are going abroad for studies. Any student in between the ages of 18 and 35 years can avail this policy. The coverage includes medical expense, loss of passport, delay or loss of baggage, tuition fees, and many other costs that may arise while the student is abroad

Future Generali Home Insurance Plans:

Future Generali policies safeguard your home and give you a comprehensive cover to tackle all problems related to your home to ensure a disaster free living.

Future Generali Personal Accident:

Investing in a personal accident cover is considered a smart move, not only because it secures your financial future, but more importantly, it secures your family too. A personal accident policy enables the dependant members of the insured to continue with normal life without much financial burden. It is the key to your dignity, if some unwarranted event happens and you find yourself in a soup!

  • Accident Suraksha: The plan covers against any unexpected and unfortunate accidents that may result in serious injuries or even death. The cover is available for people in the age group of 18-70 years and allows the inclusion of dependent children aged between 5-25 years
  • Group Personal Accident: Available for businesses or organisations, the customised insurance policy covers all employees under a single plan. The policy also provides protection for students studying in an institution. The plan protects against temporary or permanent disability and even death. Additional covers can be taken to insure against medical expenses, hospitalisation, home or car modification or adaptation, repatriation, child education expenses and others expenses arising from or due to the accident
  • Janata Personal Accident: The Janata Personal Accident policy is available as a group plan and covers injuries resulting in death or partial or total disablement. It can also include additional covers for hospitalisation, hospital cash allowance, repatriation benefits and other such related expenses

It is advisable to compare all Future Generali General insurance plans with plans from other General insurance companies in India to choose the best insurance plan that suits you the most.

Future Generali Distribution Network:

Future Generali has access to a large number of customers due to the retail network they have. The consumer finance business too has more than 150 branches and helps the company spread its reach. The company was first to launch what it calls Mallassurance – selling insurance policies to customers who visit their malls.

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